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  • St Patrick 4393

ECO School

We are committed to our ECO aims at St George's and have successfully achieved 5 Green flags.

Look at some of the brilliant work our ECO team and the school have been up to!


Clean for the Queen!

Year 3 were joined by MP Robin Walker and the Mayor for a litter pick between the school and Gheluvelt Park, in honour of The Queen’s 90th birthday.

The children made crowns and tiaras with materials provided by the Duckworth Worcestershire Trust, and were treated to a royal spread of cucumber sandwiches and cakes after the litter pick. Well done Year3 for your hard work!



A letter of thanks from Mr Robin Walker, local MP.




Turning our Food waste into energy

Fruit peelings and any food waste is collected in our special green bin 'Andigestion'. The waste is turned into energy.






The Art of Recycling...

Here is our Christmas tree in the entrance hall, made from our old exercise books!


Improving our School grounds

A busy day weeding, clearing, painting, planting, tidying and sweeping! A superb effort from everyone to improve the school environment.



World Water Day

Water is precious...don't waste it!

The Eco Schools team experienced collecting water from a source and carrying it back to school. They walked to the pump house which took about 12 minutes. Then filled up their buckets and headed back to school. They hadn't travelled many metres till the team realised how hard it was! With aching arms and a few spillages along the way we arrived back at school 45 minutes later.

The children shared their experiences with the school in an assembly the following week. As part of World Water day the whole school dressed in blue and gave a donation. The monies raised will go towards buying a pump in Africa. Well done everyone!




Improving the Pond Area

Many thanks to the Eco Team, Parents and staff who turned up on a chilly Saturday morning to improve the grounds surrounding the pond.





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