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Sports Premium Report 2018-19


St George’s Expected spend of funds in sports



Summary of Objectives

Summary of Outcomes/Impact (updated as actions completed)


Increase the available opportunities for children in extracurricular sport using external coaches to increase club offerings


  • To ensure that children in all year groups have access to a sports club each term
  • To increase the number of pupils participating in extracurricular sport


  • Club lists
  • Breakdowns of the clubs offered on a termly basis and an analysis of their uptake
  • Pupil questionnaire

Increase opportunities for children to participate and experience different sports at different levels working with our Secondary feeder School, Blessed Edwards


  • To provide opportunity for all pupils to  participate in competitive games with other schools, and experience a variety of sports


  • Pupil questionnaire
  • Staff feedback

Increase opportunities for children to attend sporting events


  • To provide transportation to sporting festivals and events


  • Pupil questionnaire
  • Staff feedback

Improve children’s knowledge of games at break times using the knowledge of outside coaches


  • To develop pupil participation in a variety of games and foster an enjoyment for being active.
  • To develop playground leaders in KS 2 to run games & activities


  •  Pupil voice

Sporting facilities and resources for after school football club


  • To develop pupil participation in sport and provide equipment.


  • Club lists
  • Pupil voice and staff feedback

Improve children’s confidence, gross motor skills, fitness and co-ordination


  • To provide balance ability training for Reception class


  • Pupil voice and staff feedback

Improve outdoor area facilities in the KS 2 playground


  • To develop the children’s gross motor skills
  • To help children foster a love of being active


  • Impact analysed by looking at the impact upon children meeting early learning goals relating to physical development
  • Pupil voice

Staff CPD in PE. PE Leader released to work with and alongside teachers to complete the Power of PE Curriculum


  • To ‘up-skill’ staff in how to teach P.E./games effectively
  • To ensure the quality of teaching and learning in PE by these teachers is good or better by the end of the module


  • Staff reflections completed
  • Pupil/Staff feedback
  • Lesson observation outcomes
  • Pupil’s learning behaviours improved (PE and the wider curriculum)

Specialist PE coach  employed to teach PE sessions alongside teachers


  • To develop teacher knowledge and skills of PE & Games


  • Staff reflections completed
  • Pupil/Staff feedback

Specialist PE coach  employed to offer extra extracurricular clubs to all year groups


  • To provide a rich diet of sporting opportunities for all pupils
  • To increase participation rates and attract new pupils to clubs


  • Club lists
  • Participation numbers
  • Data to show breakdown of specific groups attending clubs

Total Anticipated spend- £17,299

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