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Year 3

Summer 2 Week 6

Summer 2 Week 5 Timetable

Hello Children smiley


Goodness me, what a lot of rain we've had this week!  I hope you didn't have a leak in the roof like we did surprise


Another busy week ahead with activities I hope you will enjoy.


This week we will continue in English with Stone Trolls.  You will be putting all the skills you have been revising into good use, as Wednesday will see you planning and writing a story.  Don't forget to perform it to your Family!


Spelling is a little different this week.  You will need to follow the link on the timetable which will take you to a spelling list on Spelling Frame.  You can use the free activities to practise these each day. 


In Maths, we will be returning to Multiplication.  I have included some speed tests that maybe you could play against your Mum or Dad?wink 


We are also continuing with our work on Egyptians, and  investigating nature - did you know Trees made music?!


I hope you have a productive and that all your family are staying safe and well.


Take care.


Love, Mrs Cooper x

Summer 2 Week 4 Timetable

Hello Childrenlaugh


I hope you've had a lovely weekend! 


This week we will be combing what we have learnt in Addition and Subtraction and putting them to good use with some problem solving.  We are making a return to White Rose and you will find a video link on the timetable.  


We will be continuing our work on Trolls - I hope you were pleased with the report you wrote last week!  This week are activities are around Stone Trolls.  You will need excellent observational skills and don't forget to keep your dictionary handy!


Our afternoon activities are based around Ancient Egypt, Music and Healthy Eating, including from around the world (your artistic skills will come in very handy for this one!)  There are a variety of things to pick and choose from...

I have been practising my conducting skills, but Mr Cooper says I need a lot more practise as my timings are a bit wonky! I have no doubt you will be great at it!


I hope you enjoy this week's learning!


Love, Mrs Cooper x



Summer 2 Week 3 Timetable

Hello Childrenlaugh


I hope you are well and you enjoyed your week of learning, particularly about Trolls!


This week sees us using the skills we have learnt to write a report about Trolls - I have no doubt you will put your imagination to good use! (Don't forget to edit and perform your finished report to your family.)


This week we will continue with our mental maths practise changing to subtraction skills and strategies. Our main tasks will also have a focus on subtraction.  Work through each day carefully, reading and checking you have understood the questions.  Don't forget there is an option for you if you get a bit stuck.


We will continue learning about Pentecost - I hope you enjoy the Lego video!  There are a variety of activities to choose from/work your way through and you don't need to print anything off.


There are a variety of activities for the afternoon, including learning about Ancient Egypt and learning to draw what you can see through a keyhole!


I hope you enjoy your learning this week!


Love, Mrs Cooper xlaugh

Summer 2 Week 2 Timetable

Hello Children (and Parents!)smiley


I hope you have enjoyed your half term week and have had a break from learning.

We have been so lucky to have such lovely weather at this time of year, I hope you have been able to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

Our learning in English over the next couple of weeks is based around Trolls - not the ones with the brightly coloured hair and who dance a lot! You might find our Trolls lurking underneath a bridge or somewhere else dark and grimy...


We are moving back to Addition this week, revising what we have learnt and making sure we are confident in our learning. Watch and listen to the Powerpoints carefully, and don't forget there are activities for if you get a bit stuck.

Try really hard with the Mental Maths and see how fast you can answer/complete questions.


We will be using BBC Bitesize to help us learn about Ancient Egypt - I love this topic!  There are video and actvities for each unit that you can do - Travel back in time thousands of year to the banks of the Nile, where you can learn all about the amazing people and places of Ancient Egypt!


I love the Kindness Calendar this week - so many things to think about and link to Art.  I've already chosen my picture to research! I wonder which one you will choose....?laugh


Have a lovely week and do your very  best to keep going with your learning!


Love, Mrs Cooper xxx

Summer 2 Week 1 Timetable

Hello Childrensmiley,


I hope you've had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine!  Let's hope it keeps shining this week too.

I also hope you enjoyed your pirate activities last week and showed your creative side. Did X really mark the spot?

I have managed to increase my HTB score by 1 - how're you doing?

I have put together a new timetable of activities that you might like to do this week.  Most of them can be done without printing anything off.

You have some investigating to do this week around plants - there are enough activities for next week too! I do hope you enjoy doing them.smiley

Most of all I would really like it if  you could read everyday - this will help a lot!

Our Kindness Calendar this week focuses on helping around the house - are you a superstar at this already or will you might have to set yourself a challenge?wink

Thinking about you a lot and hoping you are all staying safe and well.

Please say hello to the rest of your family for me.


Mrs Cooper x

Summer Week 5 Timetable

Kindness Calendar

Hello Childrensmiley


I hope you and your Mums and Dads are doing ok and staying safe and well.


Home Learning can be very tricky, but I'm sure you are doing your very best and that your parents are very proud of you.

I hope you enjoyed doing some work on the Human Body and that you now know lots of facts - maybe you could put together a quiz that you can challenge your friends with next time you see them!


This week I thought you would enjoy doing a project on Pirates.... Do you know where 'the island' is and what has been hidden for many years?  Let's hope that X really does mark the spot! laugh


You have lots of opportunities to be independently creative and I know you will surprise the people in your family with what you will come up with!  Maybe you could send a photo to a friend of your portrait (with permission, of course!).


I hope you have a good week and you enjoy your learning.


Love, Mrs Cooper x

P.S. Just in case anyone forgets...wink

Summer Week 4 Timetable

Kindness Calendar

Hello Children!laugh


Well, we certainly picked the right week for a weather project!  Goodness me, we nearly had everything!

I hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting...


This week we will do a Healthy Bodies project which I hope you will enjoy doing just as much - I know a lot of you are creative, so I have no doubt you will come up with a lot of interesting ideas.


I have put together a new timetable with a variety of activities to complete if you can.  It would be great it you could keep going with your reading everyday as this is so important (and you know this is one of my favourite things to do!heart)


You will find below all the things you need for this week  - the majority can be done without printing anything out.


I hope you helping around the house and being a good family member - we learnt that a family is team too!  I have no doubt that you are smiley


Take care and say hello to the rest of your family for me!


Mrs Cooper xxx


P.S. Don't forget that the comprehensions have crazy creative challenges if your looking for something practical to do!


RE: The Good Shepherd

Mindfulness Activities

Kindness Calendar

Hello, Childrensmiley


I hope you are all doing ok and staying safe and well.

This last week seems to have flown by...

I have been very busy and also enjoying the beautiful sunshine - we've been very lucky to have had so much in April!

I have put together a new timetable with lots of activities I hope you will enjoy.

This week gives you the opportunity to investigate the weather and maybe think about a future career as a meteorologist  - you can practise in front of the mirror !laugh

Don't forget, if you're feeling creative there are lots of suggestions on the chart from last week...enjoysmiley

Take care.


Mrs Cooper x





Summer Week 2 Timetable

Kindness Calendar

Mindfulness and Brain Breaks

Welcome back, Year 3!


Hello Children (and Parents!),


I hope you have had a lovely Easter holiday in the sunshine.smiley

I hope that you all feel re-energised and ready to have a go at some more Home Learning.

Learning at home is very different, but I know you will be trying very hard to keep your minds and bodies active.

You will find a range of tasks on a timetable below that I'm sure you will enjoy doing.

Don't forget most of the activities can be done without printing anything out!

The most important thing is that you continue to read every day smiley



We are continuing with Fractions using the White Rose Videos (We are starting from Week 2)

Watch the videos carefully and then complete the questions. You can watch the videos again if you need to.

If you feel unsure, it might be worth watching the videos again from the previous timetable.



Everything you need is in the document called 'Tiny Dragon'.



How much can you remember about Holy Week? Can you reorder the events? You could either make a book or a cartoon strip.  If this is too tricky you could write an acrostic poem using the word ALLELUIA... you are great at writing these!


Enjoy choosing an Art or DT activity from the card below.

Maybe you could could look out for some of the things on the Scavenger Hunt when you go out for your daily exercise? See if you can spot everything over the weeksmiley  You can either print out or draw or own.


I hope you enjoy these activities.

Take care and stay safe.


Love, Mrs Cooper x


Just a little reminder....





Hello Children,


Here are some suggested activities that could keep you busy over the Easter Holidays...

I think you will enjoy doing them! smiley


Most of the activities can be done straight onto paper without having to print anything out. 



Watch the videos carefully and then complete the questions. You can watch the videos again if you need to smiley



Everything you need is in the document called 'The Elephant'.



This is a lovely project based on Holy Week - you can be creative as you like!


If you fancy challenging your family to a quiz and being the Quizmaster, you will find a quiz below...


Enjoy making an Easter card!

How creative can you be with the Cross Challenge?  Take a photo!


I hope you enjoy these activities.


Love, Mrs Cooper x


Just a little reminder....wink


St George's Catholic Primary School - Welcome to our school website. We wish you a very happy and safe summer holiday. Children return to school on Thursday 3rd September.