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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders


Digital Leaders are students who are adept at using technology and are willing to share their knowledge and skills with others. Through working with staff, peers and school leaders, Digital Leaders are able to help shape how technology is used in and outside of the classroom. Digital Leaders are an essential element to our computing strategy at St George's, as we aim to empower children in order that they have the opportunity to shape their own education.


Roles of a Digital Leader:

Keep technology spaces clean, tidy and serviced.

Report broken or malfunctioning equipment.

Audit how often different programs and apps are used.

Review apps and software and make recommendations.

Raise the profile of ICT in the school.

Write instructions for different pieces of software or apps.

Make governors more aware of the importance of ICT in all areas of the school.

Offer in-class support to teachers and TA's.

Edit and improve the appearance of teachers' materials.

Make videos and presentations.

Help to inform and enforce the school's e-safety policies.


Meet the Digital Leadership Team

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