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House Points

  • St George 1767
  • St Andrew 1665
  • St David 1839
  • St Patrick 1739

Year 6


                                   Welcome to Year 6 




                          Class Teachers:    Mrs Baddeley  

                                                       Miss Stilwell  Mrs Askill

                             Teaching Assistant:   Mrs Brown


Welcome to Year 6 where we will help your children to become more self-reliant, mature and take more responsibility for their learning and progress. It is an important year when the children undertake various roles and responsibilities throughout the school.

The children will continue their journey of faith and will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation during the Autumn Term.

We hope the children will really enjoy their final year at St George's.




Our Class Saint

 Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Jesus called you to bring the light of His love to those who live in darkness.

By tender, loving care for the poorest and the neediest, you became the sign of God’s presence,

His love and compassion in the midst of suffering and pain.

Following your example, help us to recognise the face of Jesus in our suffering brothers and sisters

and to serve Him with humility and joy.

Teach us to be the carriers of God’s tender love and mercy.


Class Information



Tuesday:      All homework due in.

                    Spelling test

                    PE kit needed


Thursday:   All homework given out today (English, Spellings and Maths)  

                   PE kit needed






Op art in the style of Bridget Riley working only in black and white and using simple geometric shapes.

Y6 Nativity - Round the Back!

We have made Christmas cards for the elderly who live in our local area.

The Art of War

Off to the countryside as evacuees ...

We hope Year 6 are looking forward to studying WWII this Autumn.

Our Summer term projects: corner bookmarks

Book covers produced by Sylwia and Amelia

January 2021 - National Lockdown in place. School open for key worker children from Thursday 7th January. Home learning information in childrens' tab and all Covid 19 letters in parents' tab.