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House Points

  • St George 5288
  • St Andrew 4569
  • St David 5369
  • St Patrick 5318


We have a House system based on the Saints - St Andrew, St David, St George and St Patrick.

In Key Stage 1 and 2 each child belongs to one of the houses. Children record their house points in class and these are collected weekly by the Sports Leaders. During the year inter-house netball and football games take place, and Key Stage 2 Sport's Day is an inter-house competition.


Well done to St David's House for being the winning House with the highest number of house points at the end of the academic year 2021.

Congratulations to St David's House for winning the Sport's Day cup 2021


House point winners 2016St George'sSport's Day Champions 2016St Patrick's
House point winners 2017St George'sSport's Day Champions 2017St Andrew's
House point winners 2018St David'sSport's Day Champions 2018St Patrick's
House point winners 2019St Andrew'sSport's Day Champions 2019St David's
House point winners 2020        -Sport's Day Champions 2020

Event cancelled due to Covid 

House Point winners 2021St David'sSport's Day Champions 2021St David's
House Point winners 2022 Sport's Day Champions 2022 









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